Why We Support Eve for Princeton Council

“I have worked with Eve on a wide range of matters for the Friends of the Princeton Public Library and the PCDO. I have been impressed by Eve’s ability to listen respectfully to diverse opinions and to be a strong voice in building consensus. She will be a great Councilwoman.”

Bernie Miller, former Princeton Township Mayor and former Princeton Council President

“I’m happy to see that Eve is running for Princeton Council. Eve has a well-earned reputation for hard work and determination to accomplish common goals. Eve’s run for Council is a natural next step in her many-years’ journey of community leadership. Eve is committed to ensuring that Princeton remains an affordable and welcoming place for all of us.”

Andrew Koontz, Mercer County Freeholder and former Princeton Borough Councilman

“I am proud to have a leadership role in Eve’s Council campaign. I’ve served with her on the PCDO Executive Board. Eve shows up and gets the job done; she will be an excellent addition to Council.”

Amner DeLeon, PCDO Vice President, 2016

“Eve managed more than 70 volunteers superbly when she ran the Friends of the Princeton Public Library Book Sale. With her leadership, the income from the Book Sale increased from $20,000 to over $120,000 per year, creating a significant source of funding for the Library.”

Claire Jacobus, Past President, Friends of the Library

“My husband Larry and I founded a community organization to help young Princeton residents achieve academically and socially. Eve has mentored one of our PHS students, working with her to navigate a successful path to college. Eve can be counted on to act on her convictions.”

Fern and Larry Spruill, Founders, Committed and Faithful Princetonians

“Eve worked tirelessly in a leadership role for the Friends of the Princeton Public Library, motivating a team of volunteers to raise funds and provide new services to the Princeton community.  Eve will provide an insightful and articulate voice for our entire town.”

Pam Wakefield, President, Princeton Public Library Board of Trustees, and Bill Wakefield

“Eve has proven her commitment to building a strong Princeton. I have witnessed Eve in action, leading the Riverside PTO and actively engaged in many progressive democratic campaigns. Eve can be relied upon to work hard and collegially to protect our best interests.”

Carol Golden, Board Chair Housing Initiatives of Princeton and Mercer County Community College

“Eve takes a solutions-oriented approach to local issues.  She has demonstrated her leadership capabilities within the PCDO and in volunteer and professional organizations. Her focus on smart growth that can be achieved through more responsive zoning to enhance affordability and quality of life, coupled with her commitment to sustainability, are two essential features for the successful future of a vibrant Princeton.”

Margaret Griffin

“We’ve known Eve for close to 20 years. During this time, Eve has been actively involved in supporting progressive leaders at the local, state, and national levels. We are impressed by her work ethic, her ability to listen to all voices, her wisdom, and her integrity.”

David Spergel and Laura Kahn

“As Riverside Elementary PTO co-president, I recruited Eve to be the new co-president upon completion of my term. Her commitment to our community’s children through supporting programs such as the Princeton Garden Cooperative enhanced educational experience of our children.”

Jane Milrod, Founding Director, CHADD Princeton-Mercer

“Eve recruited me to join the Watershed Center’s 200+ volunteers and made sure that I knew that my work there was valued. Her enthusiasm for educating people about protecting the environment and her people skills are outstanding.”

Lisa D’Ambrogio

“I have worked side by side with Eve as a volunteer for the Friends of the Princeton Public Library for over a decade. She has superb organizational skills and is very good at motivating volunteers to accomplish more than they thought possible. She is pragmatic and results oriented. I wholeheartedly endorse her for the Princeton Council.”

— Dr. Eric Monberg

“Eve is smart and driven by a strong sense of justice for all. She knows how to get people together, and get things done. Those are qualities we need now more than ever.”

— Jess Deutsch

I have known Eve for 15 years and have always admired her dedication to her community and her ability to organize and get things done. When Eve takes something on she listens first and when she acts it is after thoughtful reflection and with vision and determination. As co-chair of the Friends of the Library Book Sale she was an inspiration to the volunteers with her tireless work and open attitude and was able to transform the Book Sale into a major fund raiser. I know she will bring this same wisdom and energy to the job of Councilwoman.

— Dr. Barbara Edwards

“I have known Eve for almost 30 years. When she joined my workplace as a part timer, her work was so good that I convinced my boss to hire her full-time. She was superb. Everything Eve does, she does at a superior level. She would be a top-notch Council member.”

— Phyllis Teiltelbaum


“Eve will be a wonderful addition to the Council. I have known her well for two decades as a neighbor, community leader, and dear friend. She is smart, generous, empathetic, open-minded, warm, and engaging. She knows the community inside and out, and she cares deeply about it, as a whole and in all its parts. Most important, she is a person of high integrity and good judgement. I support her whole-heartedly.”

— Tali Mendelberg

Eve identifies and works on issues important to maintaining Princeton as a truly welcoming community for all. She has taught English as a Second Language classes to adult immigrants and helped re-settle a Burmese refugee family in our town. I support Eve for Princeton Council and urge everyone to vote in the June 5 primary election.

— Louise Sandburg

I have known Eve for over 15 years and worked with her when she was the Riverside Elementary School PTO co-president. She was tireless and dedicated in working for the children and staff of the school throughout her tenure. I have also volunteered with her on several statewide and national progressive causes and elections, and admire her dedication and convictions. She will make an outstanding member of the Princeton council.

— Roberta Sloan

Eve will be a great Councilwoman for Princeton. She is honest, trustworthy, and inclusive, and she knows how to build consensus. As the town looks ahead to implementing a number of important initiatives, from new parking and zoning policies to a climate action plan, we need leaders who can listen to community concerns and bring people together. I believe Eve is one of those leaders

— Jeffrey Oakman

I have known Eve since very soon after I moved to Princeton in 1997.  She was virtually a one-woman welcoming committee and offered me more useful suggestions than anyone else on everything from pediatricians to house cleaning to the best place for Asian food.  She has worked within a variety of Princeton community and philanthropic organizations as a tireless volunteer and her innovative ideas have improved every place she has touched. As a friend who has known her for over 20 years I can attest that her ideas are grounded in practical reality and driven by her awareness of the community’s interests and opinions and her politics are sound and solidly based in her belief that everyone deserves a just, non-biased, and equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Princeton.  

Dr. Martha Rinehart

Eve will be great! She cares about our community and will work hard to make it better.

— Violeta Rosenthal

A European in Princeton for more than twenty years, for me Eve has been the go-to person for everything, from personal and administrative matters to questions about civics and politics. Eve is a thoughtful listener, a skillful negotiator, and a fighter for what she believes is right. I would trust her with anything.

— Helene van Rossum

Eve lives down the street from me. As soon as she moved here she shared her energy and enthusiasm for community. Her leadership and ability to work with all of us has made a significant difference for our neighborhood. She has organized many events that have helped us coalesce and support each other. As a volunteer for the annual book sale and now as a member of the Friends of the Princeton Public Library. I have also seen Eve’s skills at work as she served as co-chair of the Friends annual book sale. After many years of her successful administration including her unique ability to mobilize and inspire volunteers, the sale grew to become a major source of revenue supporting the library. I believe Eve will be an outstanding Council member and am pleased to be able to support and endorse her candidacy.

— Seva Jaffe Kramer